Ius soli, Conte: "It is not in a government contract, but to reflect"


a & # 39; ius soli "No a government contract, but I hope it starts in the parliamentary seat a reflection Serenawhere we can assess the sight of a birth on Italian land, but must be linked to a full integration path ', said this Prime Minister. t Giuseppe count, talking in Assisi at a meeting with the young people and the community Franciscan after he had delivered the peace lamp. "We must. T integration route – the president of the council's reasons – so that "new birth" has been alive, known and divided our shared values".

The government chief said “often we understand our immigration policy, often given, that it is given to them a simpler message which is appearing attractedin reality, it is very complex and complex, we will work on 'the original reasons for migration' to help their countries of origin and movement and investing in human capital ". And so, following the First Minister," helping at home does not mean lack of comfort but investing more European resources. t in the countries where the immigration was and, overall, how to invest in them. ”The European Union has to ratify the new model of cooperation particularly with African countries because it is not. The old good one is that we need an equal partnership. This is what we are trying to achieve, I am striving for this but Italy can not do much ”.

He also mentions these issues which are in the Conte ground when he mentions "ill-feeling" to the European institutions: "In the past Italy and Europe they have not been effective in their answers, which is why it is in Italy today there is a lot of suffering. In recent years hundreds of thousands of people have come in and it's the fact that it is Italian, which is incorporated into the archipelago system as tEU left alone, "like Juncker himself".

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