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After playing & # 39; browser for many years, most people just have a & # 39; go online and expand installation. In fact, all browsers hide some confidentiality, and the actions that are implemented are also very interesting. For example, the following can make sure you expect it!

1. In line with mobile phone page

Sometimes we will use a computer to do & # 39; represents a mobile phone webpage, but this often requires the simulator to be a part that is too difficult and complicated. Indeed, the tasks of their browser can achieve this objective, and the work is simpler.

First open the web page you want to simulate, click on the right and select "Emigration Review" (the individual browsers can have the different names) and then click on the # 39; "Mobile phones" button at the left of the code bar. Model number.

At this time, the entire webpage will be automatically redesigned according to the model of your mobile phone, so that the display effects of the mobile phone building can be directly circulated.

Note: The webpage will be displayed with the appropriate scale in general. If the text is too small, you can also click "100%" or "125%" to expand the display.

After playing for many years, I know that these browsers are amazing.

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