Ivica Todorić: I will go to the polls and I will power the #video


Her & her long-term Chief Executive was at # 39; Agrokor Group, Ivica Todorić, to her hairdresser last night after being arrested. After coming out of the room, 24 hour journalists told him he would go. participating in the elections and gaining power in the country. Todorić did not want to respond to & # 39; A question on who helped to raise money for the trust.

Presidential elections will be held in Croatia at the end of next year, and their Parliament in 2020.



Todoric Classic Kulmer Playground #video




I paid a million euro security

Todoric pays 7.5 million security cods, approaching around one million euro, and will be released from the case. His judge judge Zagreb court called for a yesterday's hearing at 15:00 a.m. affirms that Todorić paid a security and defends himself from the case. Todoric was also alleged to provide security measures so that he could not leave Zagreb and had to leave a passport in court.

Ivica Todoric


Todorić from Zagreb airport to hold




Where did he get the money?

After the hearing, Todoric's advocates confirmed that they later sent the richest croft and were able to defend themselves from freedom. The names of the people who gave money to Todorić's security were not released.

Speaker of Zagreb District Court, Krešimir Devčić, did not appear here. He said that Todorić's investigating judge had given a warning, if they could go to # 39; breaking the rejected provisions, the security would be transferred to the state budget, and the procedure was started against it.

Defense: There is no money, but he has friends

The Zagreb Interior Court concluded the last week that Todorić could protect himself from custody when paying 7.5 million of which money security. The complaint asked for the prosecution for her & # 39; a danger that he was hiding. Last year, when it became clear that an investigation was launched against him, Todoric went to London.

At that time, he said to defend that Todoric had no money to pay security, but he had relatives.

Agrokor. Mercator. Ivica Todoric.


Zagreb County Court ruled: Todoric left in prison

The Republican Prosecutor's Office Todorić, his son and 12 former members of the board of concern of concern and the Zagreb branch of Inspector's House Hit Baker Tilly, have paid millions of dollars from Agrokor's bills to private accounts. Patients have believed that corruption, fraud and documentary writings were about to; guide the group to fall.

Agrokor. Mercator. Ivica Todoric.

It is possible for Todoric himself to be protected from freedom when he is paying a million dollars

They were built in London

Against Todorić, there is a review of legal loans that Nexus Private Equity has given to Agrokor through Nexus. It's 117.5 million ao (15.9 million euro), but this is not the subject of this hearing.

For many years, the richest Croat Todoric was arrested early in November last year in London. When a security of £ 100,000 was paid, it was protected from a contract until it was released. At the beginning of November this year, the United Kingdom transferred it to the United Kingdom on the basis of a European subscription warrant.

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