Izmir News – 2,000 calls for blood donation for flute-blooded children


Hande NAYMAN / IZMIR, (DHA) – IZMIR Roots for all children with leukemia by a 3.5-year Story Arin Storyteller discovered by a rare case of Leukemia Juvenile Myelomonocytic (JMML) by the Health and Welfare Staff Unit Social Worker Izmir (SES) calls for becoming a cell donor. Board of Directors of the Izmir Medical Room Dr. Fatih Sureyyok, the number of volunteer donors who do not have the level of attention, 2,000 children are waiting to re-plan a cell, he said.
At the time the Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia disease has been shown to be unprecedented in the story about the couples Action and Modern Story Print that lives in Izmir, a 3-year-old daughter Öykü Arin, many people started to Give blood to become a donor for remodeling. Many people and groups were also asked to give blood to the citizens too. Call for Little Story came from Izmir's Medicine Room and SES Izmir Branch. Combining together in a joint news release, health workers, "the introduction of pyramids will come back now," he said a story about small stages and other children with a call leukemia for cell cell donation. Journalist Chamber Izmir Chairman of the news conference. Dr. Barlık Obuz, Council Member of the Central Turkish Medical Association. Mübetcel İlhan, Board of Health Board Izmir Fatih Sürenkök, Co-chairman SES Izmir, Hülya Baran Ulaşoğlu, SES İzmir Secretary of State, Başak Edge Gürkan, who was present at the meeting.
Explain that cell cell donation is a n; Life Saving, Chamber Chamber of Medicine at Dr. Fatih Sürenkök, "We went to Red Roran Divisional leadership before I came here and we spoke to officials. At this time everyone on 2 miles of patients of patients in Turkey is a" Wait for gift cells. To get rid of life with two thousand children gift cells and be able to return healthy aramıza Within one year, 80,000 cell cell donors were recorded in the database, they should Donations to 800,000, 1 million, the information is represented in the bank and I hope the other stories. Cell cells have been stored for 10 years, and when someone gives their own information , it can be a resource for our children for 10 years, it can give them life, it will not replace it when you take your spindle, but after giving you the bone gel, your cow will at the back step. Then again, you have the chance to give a header to another. Save a blood tube that gives you a baby's life. "
Reimposition of a cheese, especially blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma), including bone marrow deficiencies, metabolism diseases, depression of a defensive system and other cans, as a medicine method used in the treatment of many diseases, is said to be Chairman of the Medical Room Izmir. Dr. Funda Barlık Obuz also said:
Cellular cells are lifelong self-renewable and capable of changing into different cells, full-quality. When they need them, they can make a difference in cells from Next, which enables the development, maturation and cell expansion. HLA (human leucocyte antigen) is a human machine that has a type of hereditary HLA rescues, human brothers, couples, most likely to match their game. The high level of the grant contribution and the patient's HLA are the best result of the best repurchase product. "
It emphasizes that a person who wants to be a contributor should be healthy between the ages of 18-50 and his / her; stressing that he should be healthy. Blood criterion testing for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and syphilis is tested with her; Turkish Fox. These tests will be carried out to ensure that the donor and the dentist and the patient are not at any risk. The Stem Cell Coordination Center (TÜRKÖK) is repeated with a medical examination. The average time of a grant is 4-6 weeks that takes 20-30 hours, "he said.


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