Izmir News – Goztepe – Medipol Basaksehir: 0-2



STAT: Bornova
INFORMATION: Bülent Yıldırım (xx), Mustafa Sönmez (xx), Mehmet Kısal (xx)
GÖZTEPE: Beto (xx) – Gassama (xx) (Dk 81 Tayfur), Titi (x), Reis (xx), Berkan (x), Alpaslan (x) (Dk 77 Cikalleshi x), Borges (x) (D 58 , Ngando x), Castro (xx), Halil (xx), Yasin (xx), Jarome (x)
MEDIPOL BASAKSEHIR: Mert (xxx) – Caicara (xx), Costa (xxx), Epureanu (xx), Clichy (xx), Gokhan (xx), Irfan (xx) (Dk 65 Emre xx), Mossoro (xxx) (76 76 Kerim Frei x), Visca (xxx), Napoleon (xx), Bajic (xxx) (Dùn 84 Adebayor)
WRITE: Min. 9 (P) Visca, Dk. 73 Bajic (Basaksehir) Reviews
LOCAL CARDIFICATES: Titi, Berkan, Gassama, Tayfur (Goztepe) – Irfan, Epureanu, Costa (Basaksehir)

Toto Super League's fun was sitting in Medipol Basaksehir's leadership chair, Goztepe away with 3 points to move: 0-2. In the 9th minute of the game, the Visca cut-off penalty orange lacivertliler hit the Bajic tour in 73. Baskşehir score at Göz-Göz reached 30 with a clear score and Kasımpaşa's nearest enemy got 5 points. Erzurumspor lost weekends last week and lost climbing up to 18 points.

In the second minute of the party in the area of ​​penalty with a member in the Visca penalty area Göztepe, eye-keeper eyes eyes Göztepe Beto round leather with his legs.
Bajic in the sixth minute, stayed Titi's translation as a result of his & # 39; punishment. Lean Bulent Yildirim, to continue his game, set the situation as a result of the guidance from the Vibrator Interpretator's room (VAR) and showed the penalty spot for Basaksehir.
9 minutes out to the beginning of each bit, Visca, & # 39; Turning his pledge forwarding his team: 0-1.
36 minutes, Mossoro will now meet with her & # 39; member meeting Bajic, past Titi and Beto's face. Sometimes are taken in Australia unless it is said.
43 minutes into the member in front of a free block by entering the # 39; use a free box to find the target that is not; can Castro find.
44 minutes were entered into the penalty department into the penalty area. Left goal football hit Başakşehir Yasin, a ball on his ankle.
In 54 minutes, Başakşehir was attacked; Moving rapidly on the penalty of Visca bow, the ball hit the handball.
59 minutes into the penalty area on the left Gokhan in the left came into the penalty area and left a guardian who was killed by the full keeper.
In the 73nd minute, the difference in Başakşehir was increased to 2. Mossoro went into the area from the left to the left wing. Bajic sent a free visit to the Göztepe network: 0-2.
77 minutes away from the penalty area sent by Yasin but one of the penalties around Mertin's parker was out of control.
In the 83nd minute, Ngando moved down the range of about 25 meters, leaving his / her; dance in a different way. The result in the summary did not change the text; went away, winning Başakşhir.


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