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Jackie Chan's 527 million worth netness, the English version of the new book, "I do not grow up, I'm old," I do not; mentions. "Dragon Dragon Girl" Wu Zhuolin said she is not in care.

Wu Zhuolin, a "19-year-old Little Dragon Girl, is definitely a news person in 2018. She came out of the house last year and left home to go Canada. Her mother Wu Xiaoli wanted her help. After filming his father Zhuo Lin, he returned to Hong Kong last year and announced her marriage to her beloved Andi. Its own life is enough to write autobiography!

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<figcaption>Zhuo Lin was not happy. (Internet)</figcaption></figure>
<p>A few days ago, Wu Zhuolin interviewed Hong Kong's "Apple Daily" and talked about his life for 19 years. He also argued that almost every Chinese in the world is known to be an illegitimate daughter in Jackie Chan. She never saw a biological dad. I can ask Jackie Chan.</p>
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Wu Zhuolin said: "Everyone knows that I am his daughter, but I have never seen it. Indeed, it is not bad or bad at my eyes because I do not know it; I do not know that I have to tell someone. I understand that when I was young, I was talking about problems. But then I have a lot of psychological balance. I think people think things wrong. Then you made a lot of mistakes. Your life is, not my life.

He was brought into the dragon's daughter, Wu Zhuolin said he was under great pressure. She stopped hard and said, "It's true, and I was really unhappy."

Recently, Jackie Chan released the English version of the live animation story "I did not grow up and I'm old". There is no mention in it in the first half of the sentence. Even Chenglong Bay has publicly reported that half of the family of 3 billion is given to the wife Lin Fengjiao and Fang Zuming, and the second half is donated to charity. There is no share.

When interviewed by Wu Zhuolin, he was not in care. He said: "I did not think about getting anything from it. I do not remember, I did not know. He said some of the building was presented for charity. That's good , but maybe I'm thinking too much. Where are your donations? What is that? I do not really feel it. "

I want to ask Jackie Chan: What happened?

If Jackie Chan has the chance to see, Wu Zhuolin wants to ask him what happened?

In a special interview, Wu Zhuolin named Jackie Chan's face calmly, even though he asked him to see Jackie Chan, what would she do to him? She did not want to say, "I could ask him." Can you tell me what happened when I was a child? Why is my mother doing it? Have you ever talked about it? Did you not talk to my mother-spouse? "I need a response because I was just a child at the time and I did not know anything." "

Then, did she complain about her mother?

She can not help but sigh: "Hey, teaches children from generation to generation … How does your mother treat you, how do you marry your child, I know how my mothermother to deal with my mother, so I never miss her. "

She wanted to repair her relationship with her mother, but stressed the need for both sides to be more aware.

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