Jackie Chan's daughter married a woman


Eta Angie, daughter of Jackie Chan, named her Insistgram's prototype that she married and set up her wedding certificate.

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Eta 19 years of age has married a 31-year-old marriage from Canada.

The girl of Chan has chosen to be on social networks called Andy Open. More than 100,000 fans in Instagram, where she exhibits their own pictures, have been modified as a character from the manga cartoons.

The two women married in Canada on November 8, and are currently living in Hong Kong.

Write the brides:

"We are all injured, but if you get a dream of love, you can even find it." Love is poor, she does not judge that Love is both strength and weakness. Love can make a big change.

Eta is the result of Jackie Chan's love in 1999 with an old queen of beauty. The girl is taken by her mother.

Picture: Instagram

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