Jacqueline Fernandez doppelganger Amanda Cerny finally arrives Mumbai; seated with Salman Khan [PHOTOS]


Jacqueline Fernandez meets her secret in Mumbai

Jacqueline Fernandez will meet her custodian in Mumbai & nbsp. Credit: & nbspInstagram

Yesterday, Jacqueline Fernandez created enough internet migration by sharing a photo with her model Amanda Cerny. She had said she said, "I think it was time you visited me in Mumbai !!" After that, even Amanda had answered her, saying, " Funny which he calls "But, Amanda was not expecting her way to Mumbai to meet Jacky as they frustrated Salman Khan!"

Amanda, who specializes in YouTube and has over 24 million Instagram followers, met Jacqueline and her team and also threw her along to show a Notebook last night. . In fact, this is just where she met Bollywood people and clicked on her first trip with Salman Khan! If we only knew what Salman's first thing about seeing Jacqueline and her doctor together. Have a look at the pictures of Amanda Cerny with Jacqueline and co. below …

Jacqueline is last meeting with her secret Amanda Cerny

As well as meeting Jacqueline, Amanda, who lives in Germany, in Mumbai, is to be attending the sixth edition of YouTube that is about to take place soon. Let's see what things were most amazing in Amanda's future. Being so aware of the speed of the operation, we are sure she will make the best of the Mumbai trip. Keep an eye on this area for more information.

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