Jaguar celebrates his 70th anniversary when he was first launch of his sports car


Jaguar celebrates their 70th anniversary by going to & # 39; launches a new model called "Flag of Checkered" from its F-Type image.

The British company said that a specific module has a & # 39; displays 20-inch aluminum panels and spacious, long and inner edges decorated with the name of the special "Flag of Checkered" version on a & # 39; handy.

In terms of pay, the luxurious car company offers the freedom to & # 39; Choosing a 300-horse-powered three-cylinder engine, three-cylinder engine, three-cylinder, 340- or 380-horse.

Jaguar said the F-Type Checkered Flag pricing price is a & # 39; starting from 84 miles to 950 euros, or about (1 million and 750 miles).

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