Jaguar starts to & # 39; offer 0% funding on I-Pace to strengthen EV sales


The Jaguar I-Pace, the first all-electric vehicle in the UK, has not been strong in the US, but the automaker is now in a position; offers 0% funding on the I-Pace as a specially limited offer to increase the sale of its full-speed carriage.

I-Pace Jaguar sees ramp-up slowly.

Some European markets where the electricity crossover are good enough, but it is quite slow.

Last year, Jaguar gave around 6,500 SUP-Pace SUV in Europe in the first 9 months of sales. carriage.

In the US, there were only a few months' sales at the vehicle in 2018 and Jaguar gave around 400 units.

2019 started slowly for the I-Pace with just over 1,000 popular markets worldwide.

At this time, it is still unclear if there is a problem with production restrictions or if it is on the demand side, but Jaguar includes new inspiration to assist in the US.

Jaguar said they are now offering 0% APR funding for 24 to 60 months on all versions of the I-Pace. Here's what they wrote about the offer:

"Every new Jaguar I-PACE model in 2019 is crucial for the APR funding that is shown for tight certified merchants as set by an agreed lender. Payments per month can be $ 1,000 who are financed, regardless of the level of pay down, have been as low as $ 16.67 at 0% for 60 months. All amounts are estimate. A real estate provider has a fixed price limit. Restrictions are not limited. Taxes, title, licenses and expenses are excluded. Residency restrictions are applicable. Users must bring new vehicle delivery from retail stock by 4/1/2019. "

The offer runs to the end; March and is responsible for the supply of Jaguar traders.

You can check your Jaguar local trader for the I-Pace construction and query quiz.

You can change your settings at any time

I'm unsure about I-Pace Jaguar's sale. I knew the product would be a bit limited, but I thought it would be higher than 6 months.

In our Electrek Review on I-Pace Jaguar, we noted that the vehicle is incredible but there are a number of issues, such as cutting, efficiency and customer interface.

Despite these cases, I am going to; Thinking that the I-Pace should sell well based on its performance and design alone.

I think it's interesting to be & # 39; Following the sale of the I-Pace over the next few months, especially as new electric vehicles are hitting it; market, such as Audi e-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQC.

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