Jaime Valdés went on to bullanguero who sent her course on blue


The departure set out by Jaime Valdés from Colo Colo allows people to speak. Yesterday, Esteban Paredes referred to the "Pajarito" case, which is get on from wounds.

"It's not going yet, it's not gone," said the idol albo. "Colo Colo always when the competition ends and it's bad, it has a great deal. Players have never left, players come, it's a part of a football; There we hope we'll be involved in the next year and we can be fairies, "he said in conversation with the radio Biobio.

As explained CDF, The Colo Colo plans do not now have the 37-year middle park and will play the next season in Palestine.

It's just a tweet from the Football Channel that has put a blue jersey to her; mocking the fortune that was ahead of "Pajarito" of the Monumental. When he passed, he edited one of his traditional T shirts:

In his style, the old Atalanta replied:

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