Jakeš is a year in Dakar


The mountain bicycle runner, Ivan Jakeš, is eleven times at the beginning of the world's most famous scene – The Dakar Reasons.

Six years ago, he finished the quartet in general, he did not participate in his / her; past year. This is why he is delighted about the upcoming race. "I feel very good about the dedication and dedication of the races. I use, I do, do the things that I speak," Yakis said at a Wednesday news conference. However, Sloka's healthcare status is not good. He is injured by his throat disease from Africa. "I have to climb my feet, it's unpleasant and it's not good to look, but my right thumb is cured and the left is also waiting for me, can not be restricted, this would be a big problem. "

As last year, Dakar Rally was lost, it decided to prove its strength at October, Heart of Morocco, which was a very good training for October. In the motorcycle section he went the second place. After more than eighteen times of competition, behind the Spanish Juan Pedro Garcia, he only lasted five minutes, with the opponents' pace over two hours. "The training was like every year, the trainer is doing my bad, trying me, I'm very happy, I want to enjoy again, let me go there , I believe the start of the new year is brilliant and it's a n; Jakeš said.

In Morocco, he has also looked at the new bike he / she will have; going on Dakar. According to him, he is happy with him and works well. "It's a motorcycle that I have been driving, so I think it's a kind of motorcycle, we've been so okay, and I'm very happy with it. " In 2017, Jake struck the lightning at the time of the Dakar, and broke his hand. Previous year, when he fell, he struck his legs as the right knee and threw his finger on his left foot. "Dakare does not respond to paying, it is expected to go in so that I can get in. The circumstances can do anything."

The 40th edition of its first renowned race will take place from 6th to 17th January in Peru, for its first time. The first time in history, the event will not be held in one country. Starting and ending in Lima's capital city. "Dakar is similar to the previous years, it is always shortened and it was always more than 5 to 6km kilometers, it's very tough, but the organizers are still talking, There's a lot of sand, we'll know Peru, I'll go there, down and down, now it's going to face it, I know what, "said Jakeš, who has two on the side west of South America. "We have three, plus me, I have two other machines, we'll go with one car where we have nothing, we have high quality beds, it's enough for us. "

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