Jakubko, Robko and Peťko need a cure for survival: they have not agreed at the time!


They first put out the cure but they did not survive without it. Four cases of the Slobhacia small robbers broke. Adamko already has a cure, but what about the three boys?

A big day for small mates to come! As of 22 November 2018, the Soviet Republic Health Ministry Categorization Commission decides to allow the drug, the only option and rescue for children with Duchenne sheltered diseases.

"The boys are the last hope. If they do not share the medicine, this child will still be cured. It's a campaign for children's life and health , The"Lucia Bajzová, legal representative of the Four Musketeers, said for Najmama.sk.

Only four of these boys deserve new and modern medicine in Slovia, since the patient's ability to walk is just one of the conditions for a cure. So, the boys do not have time for their muscles to listen completely. Adamko, a 9-year-old boy from Bratislava, has already been free from his insurance company and has been paying for a while. What about the other three boys from the four Musketeers?

Without treatment, the worst is the conviction

Just look at their pictures. They are full of life, joy, sweetheart, leanings. Despite that, from a young age, they have to go to; struggling with non-ethnic illness. Peťko Bédi from Velké Zálužie pri Nitre, Robko Vaško z Košíc and Jakubko Škovránek à Žilina, three of the warriors, are still being moved although they are hard to prove and enjoy life , but every day their body is stealing.

In their case it's a real time. If they do not get cure, they will never help them. Life on the wheelchair, longer on the bed and failure of organs to death. All this will affect such children throughout their lives.

But there is a drug called Translarna. However, it is not among the categories, although it is agreed and properly recorded by the European Medicines. This was reinforced by Lucia Bajz, who legally represents the children.

"This drug has already been re-evaluated at the Categorization Commission meeting in July, but it was not agreed because there are not enough clinical tests that have been done; shows the medication effect of this drug.

As a result, a registrar registered a pharmacist's response to her & # 39; determines that the medicinal product meets all statutory conditions for classification and the Ministry of Health Ministry of the Interior, within the framework of its considerations, was cleared from the boundaries chosen by law . The Minister has accepted this argument, therefore, in this case, a Commission is committed to, Summit " give a detailed description of the whole battle course to permit the drug as necessary.

The fact is that a clinical study does not last for a couple of weeks, but the results are more transparent, for example, in the 9-year-old Adamka of Bratislava. However, Danielka's mother was also from the nearby Czech Republic, and his son had been learning bicycles with the same judgment. Jakubko à Zilina also wants …

Well: Four Musketeers

It is the most valuable time for those children

And not just a cliché. In fact, their situation can go quickly every week or day. Instead of enjoying the necessary remedies, the Ministry will decide for the second time that they should approve it in Slovakia.

Why is it important too? "Depending on the change, the percentage of partnership is established, which means that if an insurance company offers a freedom, it can only 75-90% of a & # 39. Payment of drugs. However, if agreed by the Health Ministry Categorization Commission, it will be paid in full by public health insurance. Here we are not talking about a small but around Around 20,000 euros per month for every child, which can not be done to parents, " Lucia Bajz says.

The drug is properly agreed by the European Medicines Agency for use in the European Union, even this year, in August, it was said that 2-year-olds have been extended, previously, according to the Four Musketeers lawyer, except children aged 5 years and over.

The three campaigners – James, Peck and Robk – are in good time. "Parents are already essential. It is a very positive disease in ovine spillage. Children do not have to wait for a year to decide someone. It is a hard judgment and aggressive. There are weak boys every day or week, able to play as they were before, " he says.

It is still the same thing – waiting for the decision of the SR Ministry of Health Categorization. If they accept this medicine and be classified in Slovakia, the insurer can be fully restored. This can only save unhappy families, especially boys, muškieri, who are very awful to live and work as any healthy child.

Well: Four Musketeers

Well: Four Musketeers

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