Jameela Jamil Hopes Cardi B & S; S ** ts A & # 39; Phybagan in the & # 39; Public & # 39; Promoting & # 39; Detox & tea


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Jameela Jamil still shows that she has no difficulty in her & her; calling his famous companions.

The "Good Place" actor rescued Cardi B's stars such as "detox tea" for their fans through the social media jobs that were supported.

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"They got Cardi B on the uninstalling tea. GOD, I hope that all those celebrities are significantly admitted to the most- people, as the poor women who buy this wonder on their recommendation, "tweeted Jamil on Saturday. "Not only do they add this advertisement. They just climb it because they need MORE AIREY."

"If you want to destroy your food and eat some green vegetables or a natural vegetable brot," she said. "Do not drink the detox & # 39; this heat. You need a fiber! It's not something that's just honest to show you a & # 39; Your date is the day you give it and it helps you in the long run. "

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Jamil, 32, went after the Kardashians earlier this year for the ideas and materials that they will send to their stay.

"You're selling us self-awareness," said Kardashian's decision before asking them "double interviews for the patriarch."

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