James Allison, Nobel Prize in Medicine: "Cancer will not go away, but develop immunotherapy"


The remedies that are prepared to cure cancer they made great progress in patient health. Immunotherapy is one of those practices that revived this area. The immunologist doctor James Allison, one of the winners of the 2018 Medicine Nobel Prize, says that "out of office will not be a health problem" and although the immunotherapy was awarded to "to get better", Put the accent" on preventative habits and healthy life ".

Allison and Tasuku Honjo Japan created a new new method of cure cancer promoting the ability of the security system of the body to attack the "tumble cells".

Although thanks to immunotherapy, important progress in canal medicine as a "metastasis melanoma" has been achieved, this does not work in all kinds or patients, so the searches are in this promising field. The immunologist believes that "cancer has not become extinct as a health problem", but there will be better ways to fight, even if he wins Knowledge Limit Award to stop it, because "most of" cases of lungs and even melanomas "are caused by the way of life."

Long-term expectation

Immunotherapy will continue, he says, and "in the long term, he will end up almost every melanoma, a large part of lung canes, almost not -which dubbed, and others so good. Melanoma, which offers immunotherapy good results, many peats and the system of protection "it is easier to attack them", but in terms of tinnors such as glioblastoma or pancreatic tunners, with many myeloid cells," we have not seen any efficacy, "that is why the investigation continues.

The expert does not agree with those doctors who say that cancer should be done "manipulative" disease – I think that it can not be completely regarded as healing completely – because in that case patients "feel that they are always overlooking on their shoulders for fear of returning ".

With immunotherapy, "At least with melanoma, if you stand for four years it's not a? to return"And it is essential that they are cured in a minute, although they need to be monitored periodically".

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