James Corden and Eddie Redmayne test video


We would like to think that James Corden would have been in & # 39; Clearly guide the use of wild habits after 4 a.m. to work with Mark Wahlberg. This is not the case. Instead, entertaining The Show Late by James Corden He tried for himself to confirm the Ministry of Magic that he was a magician; – "Mr Magnificent, Master of Mystery", to be specific.

Playing as a magic officer for the day, Eddie Redmayne's response was to her; Majority mills attack, card games, and spangle sparkles, were less than a challenge. In fact, the Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes the actor looked so sad that he spent a translation complaint for the mix. Look at the entire task task above, and find yourself out there; wishes he was the columnman. Better the next time, James.

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