Jannecke Weeden: – Spine "fallen" operation: – Give me pain


– A new day's love, the clear message from Jannecke Weeden (42).

On Sunday, the post reporter division of Instagram, which says that the 42-year-old has entered the Ullevål Hospital in Oslo. The reason for this was that Weeden needed to go to a wide range work.

Against Dagbladet, the television image tells that she has been discharged from the hospital today, but she is very painful.

– It was a great job; There they put a "titanium cage" and four screw in to turn off spit. We call it a correction, and a Weenen writing in a text message.

– Car crash

The reason for its own operation is due to a number of previous disasters and wounds. Weenen says he may have started when she was involved in a traffic accident for 22 years ago.

– The background may be in a car accident. I lived with m & # 39; father all the time back in 1997, a few cases on rolerblades with tape breaking and other activities done by them.

Photograph: Faksimile / Jannecke Weeden

Photograph: Faksimile / Jannecke Weeden
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Clothing, who have always heard a lot of active life, does not find it hard.

– I've been struggling with pain, but I've still been in & # 39; trying to be active. At the same time, all activities are well spent. Cecilie Skog was very fortunate and strong when we hit each other on the last climb. I made a complaint that I did not get up to a level that she answered, "Imagine that you can handle 6B + when you need four screens and cages on the back. That's interesting. "

– Bluff

Weenen says she has been well supported in the exciting words of Cecilie Skog. At the same time, the 42-year-olds stresses the lack of work needed.

– I think it was a nice focus; There, I'm trying to think out here I'm going to. lie and grow in pain. I do this, despite being & # 39; Feeling I've had a hundred steps back. And it was vital to have a life without pain.

The reporter states that she spent five days in total that was admitted to Ullevål's Hospital. However, the revival rate is long – maybe six weeks up to six months.

– Then you're sick during this time?

– He is sick as the employer of his body in this country. So I'm not sure, but now I need to focus on splashing. Then I need to give it how it comes, she says.

Open to worry worry

As an indicator, the 42-year-old has known himself in a television series, among other things, "the most beautiful Norwegian Rome" and "Viking Pearls". For the final case attempt, it was named for the Gullruten for the best female reporter in 2017.

The case still has a & # 39; follow:

In a good company: in 2017, Jannecke Weeden was named as the best female advisor under Ghullruten with Christine Koth, Helene Sandvig and Solveig Kloppen. He finally won the prize. Photograph: Blue Kallestad / NTB Scanpix
In a good company: In 2017, Jannecke Weeden was nominated for the best female reporter under Ghullruten with Christine Koth, Helene Sandvig and Solveig Kloppen. He finally won the prize. Photograph: Blue Kallestad / NTB Scanpix
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Weenen has also been known to be open in terms of & # 39; struggling with anxiety. When the "Good Morning Norway" television profile visited in January last year, she spoke openly about how the suffering affected her right from the age of nine.

At that time, the 42-year-old man explained how all her relationships, together with independent work and life as a public, have had more serious attacks on the past year spent. In the program, Weeden explained that she could go to; Concerned attacks four times a day.

– Emergency fear can come together with a fun party in a party party. Not only in difficult or unpleasant situations, Weenen explained to Dagbladet.

Opening has welcomed a lot of attention, and both private and health professionals have been named by the TV3 profile for the openness of the subject, for many, a difficult topic.

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