Janousek and Stefanov are both the foundations


In the case, the application edition for CSS Marian Janušek and Igor Štefanov already have a & # 39; Attending long-term liberty penalties.

Yanukovych is still in custody in Bratislava at the time of attending his prison sentence in Zilina and Štefanov. They are classified in areas with little protection. Once more problems are encountered, such as behavioral behavior and maybe, they will be asked to obtain permission related to a & # 39; attending, & maybe after two-thirds of the sentence were answered. But, then, the decision will be released with the competent court in which their sovereignty is; serving prison sentences in the future. TASR referred to a number of justice sources on Tuesday.

On Monday, the police identified the search for Štefanov, which was not found at home first. Aktuality.sk port said the ex-Yanušek had to keep the police on Monday afternoon at his permanent stay. Police on Monday said on Saturday that police officers in Bratislava were supporting Štefanov to be able to. attending sentence.

Stefanov and Yanukovych were convicted of the event. For the first time in the history of a Slovak Republic, government members were correctly convicted.

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