Jansha's risk is already at risk


LJUBLJANA – In the SDS, it would be against its Prime Minister Marjan Sarac register a constitutional file as a result of its response to advertising of state property companies in the media broadcasting speech hated, still considering. "We will definitely decide this," said SDS deputy headteacher Daniel KrivecSouth Westerly

Marjan Šarec, First Minister, Ljubljana, 21 November 2018 Photograph: Voranc Vogel, Delo

"This is a detrimental effect on the constitution and uncertainty of economic businesses and to be involved in some legislation that regulates the operation of companies. The Prime Minister should being neutral, his opinion is incompatible and non-statutory, "said Krivec.

Janez Janša DZ Ljubljana 03/22/2017 [janša,dz] PHOTO: Tomi Lombar / Work

Head of LMŠ interest group Brane Golubović He said that this was the "right right of the SDS".

"If successful, I look forward to talking about unsatisfactory, unhealthy and hospitable content in the National Assembly," he said, saying that the This debate stops the words from eating meat.

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