Japan will support the sustainability of the Renault and Nissan alliances, but it wants more impact


The procurator's office also considers its & # 39; the case against the Japanese carmaker.

21. November 2018 or 13:49 TASR

Tokyo. Japan is preparing to work on the sustainability of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi partnership after the co-chairman, Carlo Ghosn, has been overwhelmingly arrested.

Nissan's board member Wednesday says Japan's bearer looks for ways to weaken the influence of a French partner.

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Gosn Hold on Monday for financial scams has shaken a 19-year revolution, which grew up in 2016 to Japan Mitsubishi Motors. Fear created a personal relationship and was committed to consolidating even more.


"We need to go back to its original idea of ​​mutual benefit," said Nissan to reporters on an unidentified state. Accordingly, relationships in the affiliate should be "the same as the previous one".

The reduction in the Renault division of Nissan, which has escaped a terrible breach after Gosn has become the main place and is currently creating more profits than his French companion, to be one of The options, the added source.

The French carmaker has 43.4 per cent of the Nissan recipe, with a 15% stake in Renault and a 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors.

Ghosn, one of the most renowned business industry operators, was held to share part of its Japanese income and to use private property for private purposes.

The likelihood of the Japanese is tolerant, almost like that

Nissan's Chief Executive, Hiroto Saikawa, then represented the Japanese conductor suffered from a bad loss. But Nissan herself looks at control, with the Daily Asahi on Wednesday stating that the procurator also has a Consideration of a case against the Japanese carmaker.

As Ability is impaired from the image, the form of their futures in the future is subject to great attitudes. The Chief Executive of Scotland, Mitsubishi Motors, Osamu Masuko, said he could be struggling to rule unions without a personality as much as Ghosn.

Alliance's success, which helps car manufacturers together; Developing material and control costs, important to its members at a time when the business has been making major changes. Changes in the "taster" of consumers and opponents will invest billions in new growth areas, such as auto-mobile vehicles connected to the internet.

According to these features, Japanese and French governments supported the alliance and asked them to be persistent after arresting Suspension.

Japan said on Wednesday that it is ready to support the union. "It is a sign of the success of the French-Japanese business," said a spokesman for the Tokyo government and asked "a stable relationship between the three cars".

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