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A challenging party challenged any unresolved solution for Nobunaga Prime Minister Minoru Sankei

The Challenging Parties, including the Millennium Constitutional Democratic Party and six other defending parties, claimed the House of Representatives resolution of a courageous solution for Nemoto Temporyi, who said there was no debate in the "Monthly Labor Statistics" by the Ministry Health, Labor and Satisfaction. Although voting at the House of Representatives plenary on the same day, it is expected that many opponents will be rejected by the party of the governing party. The governing parties are aiming to go through the fiscal year's budget plan for the whole day. If you allow it to pass with the 2nd and enter it to the upper house, even if there is no high-house arrangement with the Constitution provisions, it will ensure that the draft budget is established within this fiscal year. Your list of political articles Related articles Night sickness all night Night National Conference … Constitutional democracy v & # 39; Unbelievable praise was sent to her; Undergraduate chapters with democratic feud of constitutional constitutional Democracy, no debating application from the cabinet will be suspended Citizenship Temporary • Mr Tsujima vs. chairman "Not worthy of confidence The word" complainant "does not criticize Prime Minister as a constitutional general secretary, Fukuyama, Secretary General, Focus on non-confidence. ; Chaibineit Gun, a confrontation against Minami Yamashita. Recommendation to refuse Immigration Immigration Law to the lower house

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