A double choice of Osaka was pressing LDP, Inferiority-Sankei News

Double election Osaka People lack pocket, quality?

A Governor's choice and the Mayor of Osaka Prefecture arrived, opposed to the Japan Renewal Society (Osaka Regeneration Association) and the LDP and “anti-waking” camps, the last day of the election race on the 6th. The update camp proposed by the LDP for "non-fighting" was criticized during the election period, supported by the Communist Party and other opposition parties. It is reported that the Local Development Plan is awaited, with a LDP support system, following the preferred Lower House pay range of Osaka 12 (open 21 day vote), to be the foreword to the election. 'houses in the summer. On the sixth day, both sides criticized criticism. "I do not need urban design like Tokyo" candidate candidate Yanagimoto Akira (Akira) The former Osaka Town Council, speaking on the 6th in Osaka, Minami, will address the renegotiation policy. "Osaka metropolitan design" by "Samaname" I'm sorry. Vice-President Koichi Koichi (Jan) also joined with Mike, calling for a "stop on politics in division and conflict". It is anticipated that the proposed LDP headquarters, both sides, will contribute to a reduction in the redevelopment of the 12 wards of Osaka, which are considered to be in close conformity with official applicants for the LDP and LDPs. rebuild if each player wins "at least one" in the double election. Toshihiro Nikai, the general secretary of the election governor, submitted to the president's election election, Amari Akira against the chair. Mr Nika had been at Osaka three times in total, and it was determined to establish the loyalty of industrial areas and industry groups. However, both the Komeito branch's headquarters are not only the constitution for the National Democratic Party, the Constitutional Democratic Party, and the Communist Party strongly support both parties. the LDP is separated. The prefectural government of LDP Osaka does not take action against … t

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