Accordion, box, helicopter transport of remote island that was swept away as a result of bad weather-Sankei News

Transport helicopter transport box chosen for remote Yamagata island, ship was wrecked due to bad weather Sankei News

Yamagata Préfecture The Administrative Commission of the Election of a new Sakata election took the form of a vote in advance of the prefectural collection (open 7-day vote) made on the 5th island on the remote island of Tobishima of the same town on the 6th 6th. elections to the city elections. According to the governor of the heart and town, on Tobishima, usually two days before the ballot day is pre-cast. The ballot box was taken to Sakata City by a liner, but was transported by helicopter as it is expected that the vessel will be postponed to 7 days due to adverse weather conditions. The fifth island of the island had the number of voters on 5th 190, with 99 votes. Related articles It is expected that Mr Junko Suzuki, a new member of staff, will run for the election of Sumida Ward President in Shizuoka Prefecture, and will arrange a voting office and opening office test. Fearlessly voted not to vote

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