An Update on “Big New Time” featuring the Phantom Phantom “Scoop Leviathan” on 16 April! Online

A new beast called “Swimming Leviathan” appeared t

The animal Levites that appear in the secret waters and secret mysteries that lead to the world of vision. In this update, the "Scorching Leviathan" is the most powerful. More like that, it's likely that it will be possible to move to the area where Leviathan appears to be emerging from the rights of ordinary paths, and it will be easier to challenge the battle.

"Swimming Leviathan" is said to be even more … t

As well as getting more chance of detecting old creatures as wages to triumph over the Leviathan, slipping away, decorative materials for colored vessels might also be available.

Ship Deco "Dragon Hill's Hill" (Red) Vessel Deco "Fly of the Sea Dragon" (Red)

Add a new "Ganadol"

French men Jean-Barre and others are appearing in pirates and admiral "Ganador" with special skills and a fleet. If you win them you will get different items as the ship Deco "France Flag".

Vessel Deco "France Flag"

Add a local recipe

New recipes such as the Deco "Double Star" will be added to the regional fleet. Specific recipes change as your condition is sent out, so please find all the recipes.

Long deco "star star" can be made with a unique recipe

Add quests and new discoveries

New results such as "Hare Mau Mau Crater" and quests based on "storytelling" and "memories" will be added to the world. In addition, commercial questionnaires attached to the Pacific will be added.

New search "Hare Mau Mau Mauter". Pele, a volcano goddess, is said to be in Hawaiian mythology.

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