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Brazil's first flag MF Everton, a & # 39; opinion of the Japanese judge? (ZONE football line) – Yahoo! News

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ZONE football line

It does not even go into an acre that can not show its own taste. Mauricio is a confirm "the player in the front row"

Brazil MF Everton who went to J1 Urawa Reds that was distributed by Super Fuji Xerox Cup against Kawasaki Frontale on the 16th, but was replaced in the first 45 minutes. The team also lost 0-1 and said, "I can not show wonderful things," and also to " talks about Masaaki Yamamoto's good idea in his judge's judge.

【List】 2019 season J1 of every card and record

Ewelton was introduced in the middle of the three MFs involved in anchor, Urawa Oswaldo Oliveira coach in the middle of the 3-5-2 system set up from the second half of the last season. In today's situation, in the difficult situation where a coach can only be done in Japanese as "right, left, press", near balloon level, the extent also showed strength and skill in & # 39; globe. However, with the team as a whole, the time spent without being able to overcome the difficult situation was pushed.

Everton told the Kawasaki war, "Although a game had a little defense, I knew the other party would have a good connection," but dropped Eventon when he stole him There was an awareness of struggling behind, but unfortunately it did not; I can get out of danger, "he said.

Porto was famous to earn Everton from Portimonenese in summer summer. In this winter, I had a season with a date to move as it was, I went into Urawa with an appropriate date shift. In Urawa, DF Mauricio and FW Fabricio were also partners in Portimonenese period, but they both talk about the features of Ewelton as close to her; last step. It was difficult to say that Mauricio was able to show his ability, as "talk to the player in the front row".

The house referee says, "I think I was often playing and playing"

Everton played the official game for his first time in Japan that he was often keep playing and & # 39; fighting on his game, as he thought he was a good referee; "The referee's judge. Adaptation and referee with few scenes where the game has been a great deal has been a good idea for MF Brazil who has been experiencing a # 39 ; long play in Europe.

Everton finished his first game, "Everything that each game is saying is now just the end of the game, because we have headers and there is a story from the director, I want to to go ", I was looking forward.

Next week the league will open and the beginning of the AFC Reviews League (ACL) has come closer, but it is likely that the new historic MF Urawa needs to go through a process to reveal its very natural nature.

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