Dengeki – "Super Mario USA" who added "Computer Computer Nintendo Switch Online" on 13 February

Nintendo will send three new titles on 13 February to Nintendo Switch Online, a collection of Famicom games that can be played by subscribing to "Nintendo Switch Online".

The titles added to "Super Mario USA", "Tightly Compounding Sumo", "Burning Story Kirby Kirby".

In addition, "Nintendo Switch Online" has 7 free trial days free. Check the official website for details of the titles and sub-scripts you can play on "Computer Computer Nintendo Switch Online".

"Super Mario USA" / Nintendo

This work is an action game for Family Computing that was released in Japan in 1992.

Mario who has come to a "sub-control" of the world's dream to pull out the vegetables, throws it to the enemy, and move to the shadow with magic healing, and challenges for mystery tourism.

The characters chosen are Mario, Luigi, Kinopio, and Princess Peach. Each character has a power of leaping and the speed of construction objects.

"Tightening Grand Sum" / GUNAICHEAN TECMO KOEI

This work is an action game for a Family Computers that was released in 1987. Client vendors, who & # 39; raising the levels, and aiming to increase the Yokozuna.

A 15-day effort will be held in one place and a decision can be increased by the number of impacts. As well as energy defenses such as "Tightening" and "Hataki", hidden methods that can not be seen in general are prepared.

"Fountain Bruith Kirby's Story" / Nintendo

This work is an action game for Family Computing that was released in 1993. Kirby goes on a trip to collect a set of star yards; despite Dedede to get everyone's dreams.

We use different abilities of copying, such as "fire" that tears the flame of tea, "spirit" to make an enemy in electricity, a sword sword "sword".

(C) 1986 Nintendo
(C) 1987 GAELIC TECMO KOEI All rights reserved.
(C) 1993 HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo

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