Explanation on Israel's opposition to Prime Minister Netanyahu for burglary Reuters

On February 28, the Israeli complaint has set up a policy for the Prime Minister of Netanyahu for crime costs such as burglary. Taken in Tel Aviv 21st (2019 Reuters / AMMAR AWAD)

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The Israeli prosecution has decided to invade Prime Minister Netanyahu about bribery taxes and other expenses. He named a statement, he confirmed the domestic television coverage. It is considered necessary for the general election to be affected on April 9 where it is expected that a closed battle will be protected.

The domestic television said that the policy complaint agreed to do it; protesting Netanyahu Prime for crimes such as bribe, fraud, and confidence as a sign of the Department of Justice.

As well as receiving gifts from businesswomenes, it is said that Mr Netanyahu is a " seeking favorable media broadcasting due to convenience.

Their diligence depends on the results of the hearing. It is expected that an event will be heard after the general election.

Likud from the right of the governing party is led by Netanyahu who complains that it is "political persecution". He refused taxes and said he would not retire.

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