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When the license is lost … 78 years old

A 74-year-old woman died and was kidnapped by a 78-year-old driver who is driving  t

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A 74-year-old woman in cycling in Saitama City has been killed by a light lorry which was hit by a light lorry. The police took a 78-year-old driver.

Wakutsu Shoichi is suspicious that he fled although he jumped on a 74-year-old woman who was riding on a bike when she was turning left with a light lorry at the place in Saitama City Nishi Ward after 2pm. You die the woman at the destination hospital. The police, who had been investigating the cause of a false escape, found a light lorry with a view of the car body at Wakutsu's home, about 1 km from view. Wakutsu is said to admit the charges, saying, "I was upset. I thought without my license."

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