"Knight Grandmaster Island Design" Deal Miyamoto Fukusuke! Living in the world is different by going to # 39; depends on salaries of salaries – Comic Natalie

Kenji Hironaki's "Knight Grandmaster Ishigako" series "Farming off the island farming" series is drawn up in the book "Forest Yokocho Banzai"It was reported that Mr Fukusuke Miyamoto was responsible.

This was named at a humorous magazine ZERO-SUM April (Ichinosha) published today February 28. And it's a story; in the "Knight Grandmaster island farming", the original version of Hironori, which was developed from the fact that the knight, Shima of the First Turf King, headed over the game and remembered the memory of the past. It will start in the April of the same issue that was issued on March 28th.

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