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Mars Search Horror Cosmic "Moons of Madness" Inspired by Lovecraft Works for Halloween Week celebrations | AUTOMATON

The Funcom publisher is a first-time game publisher at Mars.Lords MadnessPreferably distributed in the Halloween season 2019. Platforms are supported by PC and PlayStation 4 / Xbox One. The exact distribution destination of the PC version is uncertain.

The film was launched in 2017 and is a collaboration with Unreal Engine 4 under development of the Pocket Games Games in Norway. Our magazine is already introduced as an Indie Pick. Launched in 2017, Funcom has been a publisher with a new trailer with the following latest tiles: According to the 2017 information and the information sent out this time, apparently A story about the story and the circumstances.

In this film, private sector workers have been awarded to Mars for scientific research which invaded a paranormal phenomena similar to lovecraft. After secret discovery which seems to have been sent out by a sensible creature, Orochi will start adding in secretly to the Invictus search facility on Mars. The primary research resource is the brainchild of Shane Newehart, the chief engineer who has been built. The job it will be to examine and keep up the center is for its partners to return.

But not everything is going smoothly, the security system is dirty, the greenhouse is filled with strange fog, sand dust on Mars letting in to the clinic and the facilities t in a very disorganized resource. Get started. Gradually, not only is the resource, but also the mystery, that it is not clear whether Newehart is a bully or a bruising, he is invited to madness. You are facing the isolation on Mars far away from the Earth, and attacking an invasion. You can also spot the creatures you see across Mars in the most recent trailer, which was shared here.

The Mars research facility uses computers, power systems, motions, solar panels, etc to address a range of challenges. In future, to extend the breadth of research beyond the center. Developed on Mars, following research into NASA and SpaceX research results, it was said that they combined stories and a play-game that influenced Lovecraft. In addition, this work is said to be a work that shares the world view and the mythical system and folklore with action RPG "Secret World Legends" developed. T and sold by Funcom. "Secret World Legends" is a shared shared service that connects different mythological systems and traditions. This is as a result of working with Funcom.

Mystery Stories of the World

Dispersal of works based on the Lovecraft or Cthulhu mythology continues and in February this year an RPG roller called "The Call of Cthulhu" is based on Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu" retreated by Lovecraft. spread in Japan. Match the word. In June this year, the release of an open, secluded tour “The Sinking City,” is inspired by the mythical mythology of Cthulhu along the way. I want to look at the cosmic caves of "Moons of Madness" coming out of the earth and opening on Mars.

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