Mr Koike denies denouncement "to go to the sky" was private privacy to preside over Water News Tokyo-Sankei News

Mr Koike denied 'going in the air' which was a private secret to preside on Tokyo Water News News, News t

The Tokyo Water Service (TSS), which operates the water treatment works and operates a water pipe in a management group in the main town, held a standard general meeting of shareholders and a board of directors on the 12th, and last month passed as special secretary Koike Yuuriko We have made a decision regarding the assignation of staff by President President as President. Taking office on 1 May. From August 2016, when Mr Koike became governor, Mr Noda, who has been a special secretary, has been secretary of Mr Koike at the time of the Parliament parliament in the old town council. At the same time he was a director of the regional party “Tomin first” and became a temporary representative. Mr Koike, at a regular interview on the 12th, said the TSS had been taken with the attention of the city's special supervision during the regular interview on the 12th, as it was likely to have an impact on salvation. T the ambassador “on his descendants,“ internal control, surrender ”. Showing challenges, ”he said. As the situation around water supply has changed, including the water supply law review, he said, "I think we should reform the water supply. T Tokyo with advanced power Mr nod "B". To the political articles list The WTO "disappeared" WTO decision "lost issue" LDP · Perception is the "local voice" of the region.

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