Mr Masayoshi Takemura looks at Mr Kadota as a challenging candidate for choosing the Upper House Shiga scene – Mainichi Newspaper

Mr Masayoshi Takemura, Mr Kadota, Shiga High-Solicitor and Primeichi Shimbun Appearance Union Appeal

Takemura Masayoshi, who was a ruler of Takemura Masayoshi, held a speech meeting held in Otsu City in the Shiga Prefecture of the 18th century, as the integration of challenging candidates has been difficult in the Shiga district election election. summer (number of advocates 1), "Yukiko Kada The change will continue with the old ruler as the center," he said. Mr Takemura has been the Chief Secretary to the Cabinet and the Finance Minister and his / her; eventually influencing major politicians after retiring. He told Mr Takemura at a meeting of a civil society that hears about a party party re-co-ordinator challenger. So far, the Japanese National Democratic Party and the Japanese Constitutional Democratic Party have informed Mr Kazunari Tajima, former Deputy Minister of the Environment, and the Communist Party has decided to accept Mr Kohei Sato, a member of the committee as part of the party, including the Socialist Democratic Party Changing a party in a difficult way. Mr Takemura said, "Although he is not a member of the constitutional people and the people, he is in a position to speak to the two parties," as long as he is, including the results of a number of votes, he said, "We met the two party executives" I asked Mr Kada to be independent, "he said. He explained that the reason to evaluate Mr Kazuya "He has been a major regulator for the second term and eight years." Uniting opposition candidates, Shiga Union wants constitutional legislation and the National Party for a decision by 20.[Artaigilcoassociated】·TaghadhTaighnanComhairlichean:TaghadhTaighUarach:TaighnanRiochdaireanaigMgrKazamaachaidhathaghadhairsontagraidheanairsonpàrtaidhdùbhlanach/Nigata·TaghadhTaighnanComhairlichean:tagraicheairsonaonadhpàrtaidhdùbhlanachMgrShizujiTerada3pàrtaidhean/Akita·TaghadhTaighnanComhairlichean:PrimaryreachdAtsukoSaitoOllamhCo-related"Meidigeachnasfheàrrnaleas"/Gunma[Artaigilco-cheangailte】·TaghadhTaighnanComhairlichean:TaghadhTaighUarach:TaighnanRiochdaireanaigMgrKazamaachaidhathaghadhairsontagraidheanairsonpàrtaidhdùbhlanach/Nigata·TaghadhTaighnanComhairlichean:tagraicheairsonaonadhpàrtaidhdùbhlanachMgrShizujiTerada3pàrtaidhean/Akita·TaghadhTaighnanComhairlichean:Bun-reachdAtsukoSaitoOllamhCo-cheangailte”Meidigeachnasfheàrrnaleas”/Gunma

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