Mr Sugimoto, sponsor of Fukui Governor of the Conservative Department "Government Minister of the Conservatives" -Sankei News

Mr Sugimoto, a new man who has elected Fukui governor for a section of custodians "The sovereign government of the principal resident of the residents"

Mr Tsugiharu Sugimoto (56), who was elected for the first time in the election of Fukui governors on a press conference held an office in Fukui city on the 8th and said, "Aware of intense pressure". site “I want to inform the staff, residents want a focus on the role of the prefectural government,” said the aim for prefectural government. The results of the election showed that the population of Kazimsa Nishikawa (74) had around 90,000 different votes. "We have been talking again about the future of Fukui. I didn't think I would." accept my thoughts like this so I didn't think it would be so different. " It was a joint election battle, but he said, "Until residents aspire to the prefectural government as a prime occupation, they seek to achieve a harmony." For Mr Nishikawa, who was former governor, general manager of common affairs prefecture, and also senior official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "I believe Mr. Mr. I made my dream word t And I also dreamed, “It is more important to put more than one point to the points of the Nishikawa prefectural government,” but I have no choice but to accept the transcripts. ” A election in the Fukui Presidential Elections Mr Sugimoto meets the former man of Nishikawa for the first time, Fukui's Election of Champions will propose a new one in Fukui's parliamentary election.

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