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Pokemon GO, "Dove" came astounding. How can you get astonished? (Second half spoiler) – Engadget Japan dreach

Ekaki Pokemon & # 39; Dove & # 39; (no spoiler)

Doburu has the country's coverage number No. 235 "Ekaki Pokemon". In the first game first appeared in "Pocket Monster Gold · Silver" in 1999.

There are 100 Pokemon from the Jout division (gold and money of the second generation) from Cichorita to Celebi, but Dove did not get that in Pokemon GO.

Even though Sunnigos especially collected regionally and Hella's tweets, Pokemon could not complete the Jokutu district picture book as Dobre has not yet appeared.

Dorubu was not very rare even in the first one, but it is & # 39; think that the demo operation of Pokemon GO uses a "sketch" special scale.

A sketch makes a copy of another Pokemon work, which can be used even in the next battle. I look forward to having a & # 39; See how I organized it with Pokemon GO.

(In a simple simple system of Pokemon GO, even if you change a strong move, you can not completely seal its seal, but you probably lose your physical strength separately )

Sign of blindness? (No spoiler still)

Although the Pokémon of the fourth generation (Shinawatu) has already emerged, it seemed to have been a messenger in the media, but just recently there are interesting things, will it be it again? And he took care of him.

SNS POKéMON GO is the official statue of any of them. It seems that the doll was shaking the tail and its; spread its paint.

How to get the dob (※ stop spoiler)

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Although there were only clear suggestions like this, the current dress looks surprisingly not formally known.

The construction itself is similar to the usual wild poker, but there are unexpected obstacles and unrelated guidance.

It's easy to write, but I still want to play this wonder with the players themselves, but I'll stop speakers although it's hard. I'm sure to write a while & # 39; you are here.

At this time I do not need a shortcut to see the output only to & # 39; fill a picture and make an AR picture; burn with the "GO Snapshot" work that is just a new element, and wait for the wonder on a trip How is it?

(※ spoiler?)

It may be best to take some scenes and conclude, preview prospects, and again to & # 39; going back again. Although a poker presents a picture, it is still under review, but it seems good if you choose what you are learning about a strong and strong way.

(Under proof)

It was not yet confirmed and did not confirm anythingNext Post, if you want to select the best move after the information is filled, you may have a decision not to "take a picture" of the photograph GO for a while. Although the dwarf may have been caught several times, the conditions are not yet known; to catch it again.

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