Princess of Thailand, who is a candidate for the challenge of his & her prime minister – Sputnik Japan

Princess of Thailand, who is a candidate for her First Minister; opposed Sputnik Japan

Mrs. Ubon Rat's wife of Japan said, Sputnik did not say; He became a "un-party and special advocate" from "defender". If the applicant's qualifications are accepted, the Proach Prayut might be a competitive horse that led the army boss in 2014. King Wachiraronkon decided that Prime Minister Ubon Rat Queen was inappropriate. He said that participation in a royal political election opposes a national tradition. The first election in Thailand was held since March 2011 on 24 March. The old regime chosen eight years ago was eliminated by a military coup. Related news – Maduro who denies the latest EU-wide referendum regarding the election in Venezuela – President Paroshenko announces he is expecting to do so; run for the second term.

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