Red Bull is also fighting against strong winds and has been named Red Fll Thanks

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Max Ferstappen Red Bull came fourth in the second round of the Grand Prix Bahrain at the Bahrain International Tour on Sunday (Sunday); and Pierre Guthrie took the eighth place with the eighth place B.

Max Felstappen

"I think we have got the results that we can make today and it was good to get points back in. We were getting windsurfing from the winds on our winds! T So we were finished in fourth place. It's not a bad thing, I didn't spate around here, but I controlled it, I didn't think there was a lot I did it. I ran the car, but unlike Australia, it was very difficult today. There was a little more podium, but we didn't have a long distance and I was lucky. I think Charles was unlucky, anyway, so I could get the podium and I was in fourth place I am not happy, we have to understand more of the machine, so we are back to the factory Here I want to understand that you have come grief to work hard to close the fortress! gap in China. I just say that we weren't working out the staff week.

Pierre Guthrie

"It was a really hard race and I'm not quite satisfied with the car as I play – I'm going to fight with the background and draw as soon as possible." Indeed, how do I need to get out of the car? I need to think about what I can do, I also have to work with the engineers and must work with me. encourage confidence, I feel like I can't push myself now, because every car is different. I need hard work to change, work with the team and find a search. I can see what I was doing at the end of the craic in my driving seat which I completed at the end of the field, and afterwards I found our development area, Geruyo, for Datte what you can do for more stronger in China. "

Christian Horner (Team Producer)

"Bahrain was in a harsh conditions with tough conditions. We have been working to bring the tires to the best level of the weekend and we have been working hard to keep the tires right. T Taking part in challenges such as today's race, Max still demonstrated excellent rehabilitation in the first corner and fought for a critical race, but he took no appetite for his resignation. Sadly, I missed the opportunity but I hope I can make another podium in the future, Pierre will be in a strong race and will take him to the top of the place with an extraordinary step up. t I got my first point with this team, and I have been showcasing some of the best scenes and I think I have displayed the skill of the race. But I'm & # 39 think what is good about deepening it yes, further progress has been made in blocking the front of the machine and is quick to; head of car safety "

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