The episode of the Episode Star Episode 9 t As well as the appearance of Land and Leia on show, there is a high laughter in the last two! T Partnership

In conjunction with the Star Wars events abroad, teaser of the movie "Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker" which is to be published at the end of the year is released.

A large video of the ninth Star Wars series of The Rise of Skywalker was released.

In the video, scenes such as Ray 's appearance of Light Saver, the appearance of Land Karlidian driving millennium, are echoing the view of the late Carrie Fisher, and the visual appearance of Ray Carroll. in Palpatine's last laughter The film is due to be released on 20 December 2019.

It was distributed in conjunction with a panel discussion on the film at Star Wars celebration in Chicago, USA.

Comedian Stephen Kolbea was the panel chairman and also director of JJ Abrams as well as Daisy Ridley (Rei), John Boiega (Fin), Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and other teams.

According to Abrams, this film will be about time after the 8 “The Last Jedi” event, and Luke Skywalker will be Lightsaber, which looked as if he were broken, reviving Teaser An. Then you will see the view where the Cairo Ren mask is broken up in Chapter 8.

As it happens, Leia's appearance seems to be created by removing a cut-off from Episode 7 “Wake of the Force”. There is also a view where the medal given by Laiah do Luke and Han Solo for the victory of the Yavin battle is shown in program 4 where he thinks why Leia is playing.

Otherwise “Janna” or the question “Is Land Land? 'That's it with the character of Naomi Acky? And the wee druid "DO" to be a new friend of BB-8 (Dio) etc. also published. The panel was recorded on the official Star Wars YouTube channel.

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