The Executive Committee of the House of Representatives Review Board decides to keep 10 days of Sankei News t

The Constitutional Reform Committee Executive Committee decided that the 10 th House of Representatives would be run as 10kei News t

On the 9th, the Chairman concluded the Constitutional Review of the House of Representatives Mori Eisuke Mori (LDP) on 10 October that management and opposition parties would hold a management meeting on the 10th. Some challenging organizations, such as the LDP, Komeito and Restoration Japan, are supposed to attend a secretary responsible for initiating constitutional debates, but there is the potential for key opposition parties such as the Scottish Parliament. Constitutional Democratic Party refused. The main opponents refused to attend the secretary's meetings held on 28 March and 3 March, and Mr Mori has lost his case. An article relating to Mr Ritsumin, Mr Takimoto, office of a constituent councilor “Being used to doing it” Area, the party is rejecting the ruling party. Mr Toshihiro encourages the opposition parties to attend the constitutional trial "If you are silent …" "The definition is now over the" Review of the constitution of the LDP, Mr . Amari

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