The prime minister Abe appeals to young people What about being written well on the color paper "Sumi" Annexe Supplementary Paper

The Prime Minister Aberaer attracts young people Do you often think of a “sum” that you write well in colored paper?

In the first day, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a press conference in a public residence and announced the first consultation lecture on the decision of the 24th century, "Reiwa." At the time of publishing "Heisei" the consultation consultation on nutrition has been read only by the Cabinet Secretary. Emphasis was placed on the First Minister's mission, and the interview was revealed by "Abeiro", aimed at attracting young people, as "One Flower in the World" and "Nico Nico Video" t ". Prime Minister Abe said, "Japan can be hoping for tomorrow and every flower can be very warm." There was a song on it that only describes "One flower in the world" Heisei, but for many of the youth who follow on to the following day, we want to create Japan in the hope of all the people of the country, "and beat SMAP 2003 I mentioned the song. It is also used for a march The introduction of the 91st elected Primary School Football Competition, which seems to have been an aim of attracting a wide range of generations, and in 1979 (Akira 54) the Georgian law was established, the time being t Directed for the second time after "Heisei." The views and values ​​of the cabinet and prime minister were thought to be likely to have been reflected in the century.Noata-officials say it was a method First Minister Abe to move on. At the same time, Prime Minister Abe at an interview said that "Heisei was in the process of redevelopment. Today," working style reform "was put in place, and his own policy" has been submitted ". T . "It added," A culture of ideas that is unique to young people, such as "Niko Nico Douga". The management administration is recognized as having a high approval standard for young people in their 10s and 20s and young people …

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