Toro Rosso Honda "changed in the right way"

F1 Toro Rosso Honda China Grand Prix

Jonathan Eddles, Toro Rosso's Principal Race Engineer, took a look back at the first day of Grand Prix Formula 1 China.

"Overall it was very busy. FP1 has two main sets of dimensions for each driver, aiming to implement the repeated results in the Bahrain exam and multiple running activities. with the same kind of tires He sat on, "said Jonathan Eddles.

“We also took time to put the equipment on top of the surface, and we got some interesting results. The path started quite slippery and the road surface improved very high. The end of the FP1 was a long run to assess how far the tires could stand, because it might be a problem first moving with – t tires achieve better than expected even at low road temperatures. It showed "

"The last clock Dondy found on Dani's last lap with FP1 found a deficit on the side of the PU, so I decided to run it out a little run and replace the PU as a warning step t After a lot of work, I was able to run the car again on half of FP2, but I had to forced Danny's program and all the remaining fields were there. running a fP2 race race Traffic is a problem when traveling with light fuel, but the team is doing great work to find a reasonable window and Danny can run a clean run for several movements. able to make progress and give a competitive time, and I was satisfied with only two limits of the session. ” t

“Alex managed to beat the FP as usual. Two short series have been made according to the tires before moving into the long term. Several FP1 and FP2 are based on the data obtained from the first session With changes to the circumstances and how mid-range is concerned, it's good that the changes are working. "

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