What is the impact of the double rebuilding?

What is the impact of Double Reformation?

Even though the next half of the regional election remains, the wards in Lower House Osaka 12 (Neyagawa, Osaka, Daito, Shijo) were named after the 9th. The Osaka ruler and his successor have taken over the double election with the Osaka Reform Association and are also considered a preview of the election of Councilors. There's also a side telling the fate of the Ugly Battle and the opposing party, and there is a language war with four candidates, two old officers and two newly-born people, who have been cut off. Independent, Mr Miyamoto "The party challenged its administration" Takeshi Miyamoto (59), a former unemployed member, gave first voice at Keihan Neyagawashi Station. It is stressed that "the opposition parties have to fight together to influence the government of Abe." No one takes responsibility for the problem of Moriyu Gakuen, which has been running for more than two years. He was accused of turning politics down, hiding and striking politics. "Besides the support of the Communist Party and the Liberal Party, Mr Murakami, a member of the former Democratic Party, was dismissed as leader of the British Liberal Party. T , also maintaining support and saying "I want you to do anything as a first step to bringing together the opposing parties." t "輔 O o 輔 ration o o O sh O sh o j sh shin sh sh in sh in sh in sh Ishin Fujita (38), a new renewalist, makes his first voice in front of Keihan Neyagawashi's station," it is not development t a department in Tokyo “We want to be self-sufficient and inventive, and we want to make a start with that of Tokyo. "He also asked a vote, saying," If your turnout falls, the organization votes and politics that takes the group forward, "will be aware of applicants. the LDP proposed by Komei, Governor Yoshimura also ran to support him, "Are you cutting parliamentary pay … t

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