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"World of Tanks Mercenaries" An event where you can play “lunar battle mode” to fight in an environment that's no gravity today! | Gamer

"World of Tanks Mercenaries"

During this event, players can fight in a "battlefield mode" with control of the moon and Mars. To enjoy this "Battle Battle mode", a "Moon Battle" select from the main menu.

The features of the "battlefield in Moon" are the following five.

  1. Players can board the board "M24 Lunar" and fight online 7 or 7 battles of tanks in a low gravity environment.
  2. Earn 500% Bonus EXP, 50% Bonus Crew Cre, and Cash.
  3. You can fight on the new map "Moon River" and "Mars".
  4. In "the battlefield mode" you can rebuild it. Even if affected, the battle can continue.
  5. The "Rover-237" valuable vehicle will be available for this event. Tier VI American light tank Tank can be used in regular multi-game battles. Note that "Rover-237" cannot be used in an event mode.

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"The World of the Tanks" t

During the event, players will have the opportunity to return to 2011 and once again enjoy the World of Tanks Classic. The old players miss these wonderful days of life and new players will enjoy the history of "World of Tanks".

Eight years since 2011, many changes have been made to the World of Tanks. The features of "World of Tanks Classic" are those that can enjoy the following six events.

  1. There are only three states, the Soviet Union, Germany and the United States. And you can also use "Type 59", the famous carriage.
  2. "World of Tanks Classic" does not need a sixth sense. Furthermore, self-powered guns do not have the power to own themselves, and only light tanks result from light tanks.
  3. If you climb over a bridge or rock, it doesn't fall. You will not come down or leave the earth. You cannot move a broken vehicle.
  4. You can communicate freely with the enemy player at the battle.
  5. In "World of Tanks Classic", research into high speed vehicles goes much faster than they are now. In addition, high car costs, camouflage and parts of stretches have been reduced to suit the timescale. In addition, it is not possible to move those purchased from "World of Tanks Classic" to the current version of "World of Tanks".
  6. This event will be held on another server and another client, so you can continue playing the game "World of Tanks".

For those who participated in "World of Tanks Classic", we will find a unique style, logo and style of mind. Don't miss this chance! See the official site for details.

"World of Tanks Blitz"

The prize for this brand new event is the "Sentinel Challenge", the "AC IV Sentinel" which was born in Australia and brought up in the UK.

Also, from 11 April (Thursday) to 18 April (Thursday), players can aim to hit a cup and aim to control the event. The awards are converted to knowledge, and also promotions, valuable accounts, double bonuses and more. In addition, players will have the opportunity to specialize in specific things, but that is a vision in the future.

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