Worst voting level 1 returns to the Chiba and NHS News elections – Sankei

Vote level 1 to return a Chiba election event and NHS Sankeikei News in the NHS

Prefecture electors have started a 7-week hand-plan to raise the level of voting for their prefectural elections on 7 th which will be the first half of the regional election. For the first time in the prefectural conference, the voting rate for the last 3 years has fallen by 40%, refreshing its lowest rate. Not only is the publicity necessary to use and vote for early voting to date, it is a call aimed at young people with low levels of voting, and t in the 41 prefectural elections for the past, we aim to re-establish the “stigma re-enactment” of the initial rate. The prefecture election has focused on the highlighting events following the announcement of the prefectural collection, but this time a range of activities will be developed before the message is delivered. A week before the March 23 announcement, in Mihama-ku, Chiba Aeon Mall New Makuhari Newtown, using a ballot box and a voting register, to use the voting and counting machine in voting work We use a make an informed event that children use 100 counts using and voting. In addition, they also questioned elections and appealed to parents and children who had been buying to go to the accounts. In collaborating with the elections of each township during election time, get a public relations car asking to vote and get to know. In addition, the video site “YouTube” is also used which means that the age of the election is reduced to 18 and the first choice of fertility is given. The fifth competition for the men and women in uniform Uniform 1 saw a video film that was voted to vote by Eri Saito, the Grand Prix of the Grand Prix. T School. Also, Twitter is also popular with SN … t

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