Yuriko Ishida and Mr Muro Tsuyoshi are the two people in CM of Panasonic. Magi's wife is also speaking with Toda Erika-Nifty

  1. Yuriko Ishida and Mr Muro Tsuyoshi feature in the CM of Panasonic playing part of a twin wife of Errika Toda Nifty News.
  2. Yuriko Ishida, "Mr Oyotsuto" refused by Mr Murotsuyoshi "I see …" SANSPO COM
  3. Mr Muro Tsuyoshi, suspicious eyes in the floor plan of the same house "Stealing?" TOKYO Museum of Renewal ORICON NEWS
  4. Ishida Yuriko and Muro Tsuyoshi, who play a part in CM, but Ishida refuses the “home date” with Muro Nifty News.
  5. Yuriko Ishida is a "hobby of good humor".
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