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The exposed Japanese warranty disease has increased, the number of patients has reached a 5 year high level. Huashi News

A new five-year German patented patent disease (data)

General Wu Nanda Report / Japan

The number of germanic bladder cases in Japan has reached 2,032 this year. The number of patients in one week is more than 100 for 10 weeks after each other. This is the highest level of patients in Japan starting in 2013.

According to a comprehensive report with the Japanese media, a current German current is not current; appears in the Tokyo city center, but also the number of patients in Osaka and Fukuoka continues to grow. Japan's infectious National Disease Institute reported that there were 139 patients in Germany, up to 54 in Tokyo, and 25 in Kanagawa, and Fukuoka 15 and Osaka 13 in the last week (November 5 to 11). People, 11 people in Saitama and 9 people in Chiba, etc.

It is recognized that there are 2,386 patients' numbers; crushed in Germany in 2012, and in 2013 it reached over 14,000. However, the disease condition has evolved gradually. The number of patients in 2014-2017 has decreased annually, the number is less than 1,000, and the number of patients in 2017 is even 93 people, who are not It was expected to be scrapped again this year.

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