Japanese / Steelshu Yangshuo holds 300 million annual wages, good product promises to repay the ball | Baseball | NOWnews Today News


Yangshuo Steel. (Photography / Occupier's Reporter)

Yang Haogang, a good player in the Japanese sales giant, has now completed a contract with the bullets and will run 300 million yen (approximately $ 81 million) next year. He also added a good level next year to reward his football prize.

After the 16th year Yangshuo Steel season, the team of the team was separated as a free agent and signed the five-year contract with the Giants. This year, the contract was for the second year, but this season was only due to the fact that the left-handed was bound. In 87 games, the strike level was 2, 45, 10, and 37 points.

Yangshuo Steel said: "There have been a lot of ideas from the other side of the football. Now I can use good behavior and a healthy group to use it. I hope that I use the good season to pay the ball The next year. I also want to achieve one each. "

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