Japanese women are reborn against Valentine's tradition of & # 39; chocolate & World news


Japanese women are pushed back against a tradition that says they need to bring psychologists to male colleagues on Valentine's Day, anger grows at "emergency".

Recently, it was expected that women in the workplace should buy jackets for their male workers as part of a tradition called giri choco – literally, a chocolate obligation.

It is said that people will be taken forward on 14 March on White Day – an event that made a dream of chocolate makers in the early 80's to stimulate sales.

But there is increasing evidence that giri choco is a n; dropped from favor.

For increasing numbers, the weight is to turn to & # 39; avoiding crime by paying thousands of yens to jackets for staff; become dessert. Some companies are now banned on the # 39; practice, which many staff perceive as a means of substance abuse and harassment.

Instead of finding a search, less than 60% of women will buy chocolate as a personal client on 14 February. Over 56% said they would give psychocids to family members, while 36% would have a & # 39; do the same activity as partners or crude attacks.

But keeping on the right of the co-workers was far from their thoughts, with only 35% saying they expected to give chocolate treatment to people at workplace, According to the survey by Tokyo department shop.

"Before we stopped, we would have to worry about things that are appropriate for spending on each chocolate and where we are dragging the line in which we & # 39 ; dispatching the jacket, and so it's good that we do not have our ruling culture "said one of the audited office staff, based on the Japan Today website.

SoraNews24, at the same time, commented on the recent type of gyaku choco chocolac – back – in which men present jackets to spouse, lovers or lovers who are expecting.

By taking chocolate as Valentine Day gifts commercially away in Japan in the mid-1950s, grow into a multi-million dollar market that will give some makers to a large extent to their annual sales in just a few days.

But the complaint against giri choco has encouraged some restaurants to reform their marketing campaigns.

Last day, Valentine's Day ran her, Belgian chocolatier Godiva stirred when he kept a full-page newspaper and encouraging businesses to encourage female workers to get rid of them if they were doing it; Feeling they were doing so under illness.

"Valentine's Day is a day that people express the real emotions, not to work relationships," said the ad.

Although individual users value the settings that they are & # 39; Given, Valentine's chocolate obsession with a gathering is fast as the day goes; go.

Japan Airlines sells chocolates to passengers – male and female – on all domestic and international aircraft on 14 February, and a hot vacation near Tokyo has filled a bath with "water chocolate ".

But the prize for the gimmick Valentine is most likely to go to a chain of sushi restaurants that offer gums of raw tuna; Built on foods mixed with chocolate.

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