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It was the "Hu successor" Jiang Jinfu once. (This newspaper is a picture)

The 27-year-old man's star, Jiang Jinfu, was praised as "Hu Ge successor" due to the television series "The Trace of Xuanyuan Sword". Unfortunately, he was told that his wife, a Japanese lover, was in midnight. Jiang Jinfu, who was scratch for more than a month, had previously treated yesterday (No. 20) and was anxious to Zhongpu Youhua. However, Zhongpu Youhua suspected disagreement in midnight, and there was suspicion that Jiang Jinfu was attacked. There was an unusual relationship between men and women. He sent a message on the social networking site and disturbed Jiang Jinfu, "You broke your child!"

After Jiangxifu Weibo acknowledged that there was a domestic violence, a microblogging user who thought he was a friend of "Men's Mei Xiaopeng" was sent a message -and for Jiang Jinfu's complaints. He pointed out that Jiang Jinfu's hands were caused by the differences between the two men and the news During the exchanges, I went to the nightclubs frequently and used my beautiful pictures for a long time Jiang Jinfu has been pregnant.

For news about the friends of Jiang Jinfu, Zhongpu Youhua attacked him in midnight last night. "These four months are always yours 24 hours a day. Your mobile phone is also. This is a case, how you can do an inappropriate relationship do with other men as you said. "

Zhongpu Youhua said that there are many words to say to Jiang Jinfu, "You broke your child, I stopped your old man." Jiang Jinfu should not divide deceitful rooms, to come out early. In addition, Lu Media Sina Entertainment provided Jiang Jinfu's staff, and the other party hanging up who did not answer the phone.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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