Jason Momoa wants to watch League League Cut at Zack Snyder


Aquaman Jason Momoa star retrieved when asked about the cut of Zack Snyder Justice League, makes it clear that he wants to be released. After the beautiful drama show Justice League, the DCEU needed a clear break, and that's just what he got. by the time Aquaman a solution in the US, it has been over a year since then Justice League united unions of the most famous DC hero on the big screen for the first time.

Although it is odd to think about a film that has over $ 657 million worldwide has failed, one view must be because many of Justice League rebuilt by Joss Whedon's rehabilitation director after leaving Snyder from the project, the DCEU's attempt to match The Avengers Complete a cost greater than the other licenses regarding the license. Do that together with the fact that it is definitely the lowest DCEU film; there, and League of Justice status as a flop does not become insecure, yes; What number of individual spectators would have liked it. There is no real excuse for a movie that shows the "holy trinity" DC of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman without being better Self-absence team at the box office.

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For months now, many DC fans have been making one-stop track: Warner Bros. and DC Films proof to release the original cut Zack Snyder Justice League. Although he is not sure if there is even a whole cut of Snyder's vision, the film maker did not just burn the fire by going to the fire; releasing material regularly from the cut that the theater did not do, and even recently recognized the movement of Snyder Cut just for the first time. Now, when asked about Snyder Cut with it MTV News in an interview Aquaman, Momoa sent his voice to the siege. The actor first recognized how studio politics usually banned people from sitting down; talk about things like this, and then they just did that, saying that he wanted to do it; See Snyder Cut, by fuming F smoke. Look at the moment that is very noticeable below.

There is another factor in Momoa who is very similar to his famous respect for Snyder, which the actor sent personally as Aquaman, and helped him to improve the profile of the DCEU; character. Momoa has faced some of the differences between the Aquaman story in the Snyder cut and the Whedon cutter, and although Whedon has never been disturbed or not ; disturbing the drama, he never had a & # 39; Try to hide that it was a snyder option for both a & # 39; the whole project and Arthur Curry in particular. This is the one who hopes to see Aquaman finally Justice League travel for themselves.

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