Javier González Fraga, economically: "The work is handy" – 05/12/2018


Head of National Bank, Javier González Fraga, ensured that the financial and fiscal plan was encouraged by the Government, bringing "tremendous opportunities" re-election to President Mauricio Macri.

"The work is over, now the revival is"He identified the economic steps in a financial conference of the Bank's Currency on Forex Trading.

Also, before Clarin's request, he supported the BCRA's measure to eliminate the floor of 60% of the rate, and to ensure that depending on falling in the eyes of inflation.

"The work concluded (of cash correction and fiscal), now we are beginning to access a sustainable sustainability route and I would like the dollar to be different in the middle of its flotation bands. We have achieved a reasonable exchange rate and people do not have to give arrears, "he said.

The officer was also hopeful about the situation, not just Falling down in inflation but also in the rates, just when the Central Bank identified its step on Wednesday.

"The inflation is rapidly falling and is at the time of a & # 39; stock reduction. In fact, it seems to me that the next year will be closer to 20% by 30%. This year's amount has been thrown by 60% and will also turn it to it; falling dramatically, "he said.

In the same way as other businessmen, it was "expected" after the summer, when the wild autumn came, Maca cow's stronghold, their development in regional economies and salary increases, we will be better 2019. "

"The GDP next year will grow, from end to end, that is December in December, between 1 and 2%, with which President Mauricio Macri has the opportunity to be re-elected, "he said.

On the other hand, before the consultation Clarin, he refused to "delete the" news events "from the management of the entities, before those drafts The place would be former Minister of Representative Francisco Cabrera.

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